About Me

About MeWhat can I say about me ? ?  Where did it all start ? ?  Well after a weekend away with my wife and spending an evening watching a Comedy Hypnotist Show. I was fascinated by the ability of the power of the mind, plus with my sense of humour, how could I fail ? When I got home I was hooked and began researching and my training began. The rest is well just read on……………………

I have trained and studied with quite a few of the well known greats when it comes to Hypnosis and Stage Hypnosis. this has inevitably made us good friends along the way. Grant Saunders is one of the only full time UK stage hypnotists and can often be seen trawling the roads across the country and around the world his shows and stage presence just stamp his authority of being the UK’s No1 as well as this he some how he finds time to be an extra for TV don’t ask me how though. then there is Joanna Cameron aka “The Trance Lady” who has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent plus other TV shows around the globe, she is highly respected Hypnotist all over the world even though she was born in the U.K. she moved over the states at a young age but still classes herself a British. With the experience I have gained from these I feel my shows have the edge where traditional hypnosis meets modern hypnosis.

For me Hypnosis is about the power of the mind and how how we think affects how we act, most hypnotists are always learning new tricks and tips or we even just have a refresh now and again. And along my hypnosis path I have also been lucky enough to have spent time with some of the other greats that include Karl Smith from the UK Hypnosis Academy as well as Jonathan Royle both of these guys are masters themselves and have forgotten more than most people learn and lastly but by no means least where my journey began with Dr Lyn Bateman who has been practising as well as teaching hypnosis for in excess of 38 years, and who is the founder of the International Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

My shows are all about fun, laughter and entertainment. I may not be the master of comedy as im a Comedy Hypnotist i never wanted to be a comedian but I have a very strong ethics of how and what things should be done with Hypnosis and I retain these in my shows from start to finish. As much as I am the first to love a good laugh at no point during my shows will there be any nudity (with hypnosis you can have the same fun with your clothes on) or I will not do anything that can cause any of my volunteers or the audience any embarrassment before, during or after my show this is my number one ethic.

Each show is structured and tailored for full impact of laughter, entertainment and amazement for that particular audience. I feel that there would be no point in me doing a Lord of Dance sketch for a group of youngsters who probably would have no idea who Michael Flatley is. The same as an older generation show properly wouldn’t understand who Lady GaGa was. The results would not make good entertainment for you all. Audience participation is one of the biggest parts of my shows, whether you’re a ‘Star of the show’ or just an on looker.

I have performed in many different venues from pubs, social clubs, weddings, parties, student and society balls, holiday parks and many more including back gardens for private parties. I also do a massive amount of charity work, I aim to do one charity fundraising event every 1-2 months. If you have a cause, charity or party you wish to add some humour too please get in touch by clicking on the contact tab. When I perform I am lucky enough to have a merry band of helpers to ensure things run smoothly during the show and it also means i can make sure that all of my energy and concentration stay with the stars of the show on stage.

I am a proud member of Equity as well as P.O.S.H. (Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists).  I am also a FULLY INSURED hypnotist and all my shows comply with the Stage Hypnotism Act 1952, so you know that you are always in safe hands. As well as everything above all of my shows are recorded for security and promotional purposes from start to finish so every moment is captured and should you so wish to have a copy for a keepsake or just to see how you actually were on stage and what a wonderful Star you were during this time.

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