Cross Hands Public Hall & Cinema

I have had the opportunity to see Jason Nobby Morgan a.k.a. “Nobbynosis” on a number of occasions. His shows always begin with a spectacular voice over and enigmatic music that gets the heart beating a little faster. He asks people in the audience who would like to volunteer to come up onto stage to participate. Once his victims are under, the fun begins. In fairness, Nobby himself is entertaining as his little witty comments, aimed at his participants throughout, are hysterical. But what he gets them to do has to be the icing on the cake! Obviously, you will get those that are not as impressionable and may just about do something, but those that Nobby has managed to put completely under are definitely the stars of the show – giving the audience the sort of act that has your belly hurting from laughing so much. If i had to recommend a hypnotist that would bring a smile to any audience, Nobby would win hands down. A clever hypnotist who makes stars of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Very funny, very entertaining!

Tracy Lawrence Cross Hands Public Hall & Cinema