Week On The Street Feedback

How cool is this feedback thank you very much Tom….. I was made aware that Jason Nobby Morgan was due to perform on a charity night that was arranged for my charity by a group of friends who has been cycling across the country. I already had some contact with Jason. He and his wife do fantastic charity work for other charities and I was excited that they would be supporting ours in 2015. I arrived at the charity night as a skeptic with regards to hypnotism. I didn’t believe it and didn’t think I ever would. The show started and Nobby owned the stage as soon as it started. Approximately 10 people volunteered to be hypnotized and only 3 went under and I mean totally under! This was probably due to the other 7 constantly giggling or fidgeting. The show was hilarious and in certain this could not be staged as I know the people who were hypnotized extremely well! My wife loved it and she was also a non-believer. Incredible to watch I must admit and since the show many people have contacted the charity to ask if Nobby can perform for them. One thing I’d like to add is his on-stage team. They were fantastic, too. Very professional and made sure everything ran as planned. Looking forward to the next charity evening planned in January! Tom – Week on the Street Project and Active for Autism.