Hypnosis is a natural state of our own selective, focused attention, and, even though it is 100% natural and normal, it still remains one of the most fascinating sensations of the human mind. Its our own ability to enter this unique state of consciousness that opens the door to endless possibilities. When under hypnosis an individual is very open to suggestions.

There are a few different types of Hypnosis…… there is the serious side of it which i practice on a daily basis as Jason Morgan The Hypnotist  this is where i can help change peoples lives with many different styles and types of hypnosis and therapies.

Then of course there is Stage Hypnosis, Comedy Hypnosis call it what you like, its extremely funny and can make any function or party stand out from the rest. Some people say that there is a massive grey area in this but we all have to work under strict guidelines set down by the home office in what is called  The Stage Hypnotism Act 1952  All Stage Hypnotists, Comedy Hypnotists SHOULD and i say should because lots don’t comply to this but again some do including me, this act was reviewed again in 1994 by a panel of experts set up by the Home Office to delve in and and take an in depth look into and to see if there is any evidence of possible harm to anyone taking part in comedy hypnosis shows, and to possibly overhaul the effectiveness of the current hypnotism laws governing stage hypnotists and hypnotism for entertainment purposes. This publication of this released in parliament some time in 1995. And its conclusion was that “there was no evidence of serious risk to participants in any kind of stage hypnosis, and that any risk may exist is much less significant than that involved in many other activities.”

So The Big Question is ? Is It Dangerous?

There is no evidence to prove of any danger or injury from participating in a comedy stage hypnosis show, but like most things unless the true facts are known things such as hypnosis are often criticised by people who are often misled. Yes there are a few cases where people have indeed had accidents i only know of 1. But a moment’s thought will show that it would be astonishing if this never happened.

There are thousands of stage shows taking place around the world every week, with dozens of people being hypnotised at each show, so purely by bad luck it’s pretty likely that someone, sooner or later, will have some kind of accident at a stage show. But it’s crazy to imply that hypnosis is dangerous, if someone trips on a curb the day after having a filling done no one blames the dentist do they But because hypnosis is a grey area of mystery and the unknown, the victim or the clumsy one will often looks for someone to blame, and ignoring the facts but will jump to the conclusion that it ‘must have been’ the hypnosis which caused it.

In a rather more alarming situation, like in every day life there are people who are out to make money by suing over anything they think they can get away with. Crash for Cash to name 1 out of a handful of things. Because hypnosis has the mystery and suspense about it, it’s tempting for them to blame any illnesses or conditions they can find (often imaginary) on hypnosis.

Every single show that i perform is done under strict guidelines set down in the 1952 act and each performance has to have a permit from the local council for that area.