CHEAP IS GOOD YEAH?….. Wrong…….. Yes ok we all have a budget to work to but often by trying to save a few £££’s you don’t get what you want. The old saying of you get what you pay for is still true to this day. Today anyone can get a book about becoming a hypnotist and begin advertising their services. Do you want to jeopardise your event, fundraiser or even your wedding that you have been planning for months or even years by hiring an act who just can’t cut it?. Nope thought not.

ALL HYPNOTISTS ARE THE SAME ! ! Wrong! All Stage / Comedy Hypnotists have different Capabilities, Strengths Experiences, and Routines. Some have very little or even no training at all. Truthfully, some are just simply NOT funny and are just there to try and earn a few £££s and don’t have anything that grabs the crowd. Check them out Google, YouTube, Facebook is your friend take a look before you sign that contract.

LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS. Well good entertainment is quite often hard to find. And it’s even more difficult when you wait until the last minute. Good Entertainment is often booked many months or even years ahead. So to try and avoid extra expenses and last minute hassles or disappointments SAVE MONEY, TIME and HEADACHES by reserving your entertainment sooner rather than later! It may seem crazy but it will pay off in the end trust me.

I try and get it just right as far as my Hypnotist work goes i do everything i can to make sure things go as smooth as possible. There are not many stage / comedy hypnotists that i know of that have assistants, not only do I have a dedicated sound and tech person, I have a helper who is there just to make sure things are going to plan for instance there is nothing worse in my eyes than a lady with a short skirt or dress on forgetting shes on stage in-front of an audience so we make sure that their dignity is covered at all times and that they are safe on stage, so that I can concentrate 100% of my energy on the performance in hand.

I am a member of Equity and also POSH as well as having FULL public liability insurance where all performances are fully covered, as well as having a permit from the local council which is law under the 1952 Stage Hypnotist Act if you are selling tickets. so If you are booking a hypnotist for your event and for some strange reason you do not end up booking me then please check them up before you sign that contract or even worse hand over your money just to make sure they can deliver what and how you want it.

So if you want to book the freshest comedy stage hypnotist in the UK, then you know what to do? don’t you ?? I am available for any function or party and we travel from Jon O Groats 2 Lands End and across the continent in to Europe and further beyond. I have been making audiences scream with laughter from the day I started. So If you are looking for a show that your audience will talk about for months and will remember forever, I am the hypnotist for you. As you can well imagine, My diary fills up very fast often many months ahead. So If you want to use me for your entertainment, you MUST let me know as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

You can find me and my team at various clubs and venues across the country so if you would like to book a show or just come along and watch before you book then please get in touch but remember every show is different and is tailored to meet individual needs of the venue and or crowd it can be from a family show right through to a no holds barred show (except nudity) As much as I am the first to love a good laugh at no point during my shows will there be any nudity or anything that can cause any participant any embarrassment after the show can you imagine seeing your partner, relative plastered naked across social media before they woke up its not a good scene i can tell you, So this is my number one ethic and i never stray away from this.

Some of the clips you see in the videos are wild but please be assured that they are customised for each client i can not stress this enough……………….

So enough blurb just CALL ME 01269 505000 or 07973 576240 or fill in this contact form